Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Top 10 Events that Shaped the Training Outsourcing Industry in 2004 writes, "Many believe 2004 was the year training outsourcing finally came into its own as a viable and respected business strategy for corporate executives. A couple of years ago, many outsourcing analysts believed differently. Some claimed that training was simply a subset of human resource outsourcing - that it wasn't an industry of its own, just a part of a bigger HRO segment. But, knowledgeable training leaders understood that the untapped customer education sector was as big a part of corporate training as traditional employee education."

They continue, "They also knew that HR professionals are rarely responsible for customer training and that this arena held significant potential for outsourcing suppliers. With the recognition that employee plus customer learning defines the training outsourcing market, the industry has been revitalized. Over the past twelve months, new companies have emerged, business processes have improved, benchmark business deals were consummated, and the training industry became more efficient in providing outsourced services."

The list starts out slightly biased, but then proceeds from there with some good info. (Nice to see ASTD included!) Here's the basic list--click here to see the list with explanation of each item.

1. Introduction of

2. Convergys Acquisition of DigitalThink

3. Raytheon's Extension Relationship with Major Automobile Manufacturer

4. GeoLearning - Multi-Agency Government Adoption of "Managed Learning Services"

5. GP's Introduction of TOPS Services

6. Accenture Awarded Outsourcing Deal with GE Consumer Finance

7. Intrepid Expands Deal with Boeing

8. ASTD's Training Outsourcing Conference

9. Thomson's Acquisition of Capstar and Knowledge Net

10. The Exceleration Group Holds Training Outsourcing Executive Summit

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