Wednesday, January 19, 2005


As a writer and editor I take some offense at a site that uses numerals when words will do just fine, but I'll offer this resource anyway in the hopes that it can be useful.

Internships4You can help companies worldwide find interns as well as help people who want to learn find internships. With the promotional code, companies can place listings for free, and prospective interns can search for no cost (although to apply, free registration is required).

Here is the promotional code info contained in the press release I received:
"When you reach the Payment Center enter this promotional code 9M19MT1 that will enable you to post for FREE. After completing your transaction at the Payment Center you will arrive at the main menu."

Additional features are available for a cost.

The release said:
"Use this promotional code E6HD7HZ to recieve a 20% discount on all our other services and you will see why we are rapidly growing. Internships4You's best features are Screen and Interview. These features ensure higher quality intern applicants who match your requirements and are more motivated to answer your questions. "

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