Wednesday, January 26, 2005

More on LMSs from Brandon Hall

From a recent press release:

"LMS KnowledgeBase 2005: In-Depth Profiles of 52 Learning Management Systems, with Custom Comparison Across 200+ Features" not only takes a critical look at strengths and weaknesses of 52 leading learning management products; it also identifies market trends based on the largest number of vendors ever included in research.

For the study, learning management systems representing 84.5 million registered learners were queried on features, market share, and capabilities. The study uncovers interesting data about LMS usage, including:

66 percent of all LMS implementations are inside medium- to small-sized companies, with most companies averaging 75 employees
22 percent of LMS implementations are in small companies with revenues under $100 million
The largest percentage of LMS implementations are for the governmental market, at 14.14 percent
94 percent of LMS systems support basic classroom management functionality
63 percent of LMS systems have some sort of basic authoring capability
80 percent are AICC certified or compliant
Implementation of an LMS system takes an average of 6.5 weeks
$77 million per year is currently spent on R&D by LMS vendors

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