Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Personal knowledge management, part II

(See part I.)

A few more thoughts:

Here are more links on personal knowledge management from Contentious: http://blog.contentious.com/archives/000295.html#more. Especially check out the top of the list entry. Seems like a chorus is forming around this idea.

I left out an important category in talking about personal knowledge management filtering tools--RSS. Here's my article on RSS, which includes a lot of additional links.

Google itself can also be viewed as a personal knowledge management filtering tool. I've seen the search engine called an informal learning tool several times and in several places, because it's just that good.

(And Google right now has few peers. The Web search tool on the latest version of Internet Explorer I'm using is absolutely useless. I Web search constantly throughout the day. Google gets the site or information I'm looking for as the number one result 99 percent of the time. That's why I'm using Mozilla's Firefox, which gives me back my Google search box right on the top of my browser.)

What I'd like to see: a Google RSS feed that tells you what new items have been added that day in categories you select. This would be pretty close to the Google Alert tool I discussed in part I, but it would be made by Google and it would come via RSS and not email, as Google Alert does. And it wouldn't give me old Websites I've seen already by mistake.

Blogs are, of course, personal knowledge management tools of the creating knowledge variety. But they can also be viewed as PKM tools of the filtering and sharing variety when they're used to publicize links the author views as important. This effect is heightened when posts are organized into categories so you can see all posts on a certain topic (stay tuned for more on that capability with this blog), as well as with Trackback, which lets you see the conversation continue across blogs.

OK, I think I'm done for now. Gotta go get some other work done!

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