Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Manual Trackback and Trackback's learning potential

Ah, technology is great when it works, eh?

Trackback isn't working for some reason. (Trackback is the tool that allows readers of this blog to see what other blogs or Websites have linked to an item on here and what the authors have written about it.) I'm working on figuring out why TB isn't working, but in the meantime here's a manual Trackback link: http://blog.contentious.com/archives/000227.html

Why do people care about Trackback and seeing where info from various blog entries have been picked up? Because of the learning that can occur through the collective musings of various people on the same topic. Different information gets added as each person comments on the item.

See, this entry was about learning after all!

Go here and scroll down to the What's Next heading to learn about how some people are using Trackback with learning objects.

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