Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Hotel Chatter

I came across the Hotel Chatter site this morning. (Sorry, I forget which blog had the link--I was behind on my reading and read through a lot of entries today). The site offers tips, news, celebrity scoops, and more about hotels around the world. But my favorite sections are Hotel Hell and Hotel Heaven, where people post honest, real-life reviews of various hotels. If you're traveling frequently for training, this site could be very useful.

I think it's interesting from a customer service standpoint. I've written several customer service rants for T+D magazine, and the most recent one just happens to have been about a horrific hotel experience. Go here to read it; you'll have to register if you're not an ASTD member.

Think makeup on the pillow, hair in the bed, and a hotel manager who actually accused us of planting all this ourselves. Although often annoyed or frustrated by bad service, I've never been more outraged. So, I think I'll write up a little tidbit for the Hotel Hell section of Hotel Chatter when I get a chance. Maybe you have a story to contribute of a negative or positive experience during a training jaunt?

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