Friday, August 13, 2004

Best or not-best of the week, depending on your perspective

Today is a special, bittersweet day and I want to take the time to recognize it here on this blog. Today is the last day of T+D editor Haidee Allerton, who is moving on to new opportunities after 14 years here at ASTD. She will be sorely missed among her staff, who have flourished under her wisdom and humor.

ASTD has launched a search for a new editor of the magazine. In the meantime, our vice president of content and former T+D editor will head our team.

Change is always hard, but Haidee's future will be bright. We'll miss her but we are glad others will have a chance to benefit from her hard work, insight, and vision.

Stay tuned for the regular best of the week next week--either delayed a few days or as another double super-duper version. I'm knee-deep in writing a Trends feature article for Learning Circuits , proofing the dummy (sort of mock up) of the September issue of T+D, and saying goodbye to Haidee.

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