Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Google poised to take over the world (Google Learning to follow?)

(Commentary alert!)

I'm going to go on record right now to say that Google is going to be the next Microsoft or IBM. It seems like every week they come out with a new product that makes our lives easier in a way that no one has done before, or that no one has done nearly as well.

A good way to be one of the first to know about their new offerings is to read the Google Blog.

Google Labs is where you can access all the new projects they're working on.

Today I was blown away by Google SMS. Using text messaging on your cell phone, you can access driving directions, business listings, answers to short fact-based questions, movie showtimes, stock quotes, and more.

I tested it out, asking for directions from my home to my work, and within a few minutes I got directions in two text messages that were dead on.

For someone who often drives around lost in DC without a map, this could be invaluable. I printed out the wallet-sized tip sheet to keep handy so I can remember how to send in queries.

You can do a lot more with Google on your mobile phone with Google Mobile. I had tried out some of these features before but my phone didn't support them.

But if you have Web browsing on your phone, you can search the Web, images, and more with Google using it.

Many people already use Google tools for personal knowledge management (see this blog entry I wrote). Can a Google Learning application be far behind?

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