Friday, April 08, 2005

Best you might've missed

Happy Friday, all. Here are the most interesting articles and resources to hit my eyes this week.

E-mergent learning

"Games for Learning." This article focuses on children's use of video games, but since they are your future learners and workers, it's worth reading.


Standards for online content authors. A good practical tip-sheet from a company in New Zealand.

"Online Learning: Social Interaction and the Creation of a Sense of Community." "This paper centres on the sense of isolation that online study may engender among learners, a factor...that may make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful online learning environment for many students."

Traditional training/business

10 steps to develop learner support - a guideline through the key issues. The eLearning Centre links to a useful PDF.

Searchforclasses. Another training-finding Website. I've written about a few of these over the past couple of months.

"The New Steps to Career Advancement." "A recent study comparing Fortune 100 executives in 1980 with their counterparts in 2001 reveals changes in the path young executives take along the way to the C suite."

In Our Humble Opinion: What Will a World of $5 Gas Be Like? This musing by Future of Work gurus Charlie Grantham and Jim Ware posits that remote work is really going to take off with gas prices soaring.

"How to Start a Startup." An irreverent essay based on a talk given at the Harvard Computer Society.

"Got a Good Strategy? Now Try to Implement It." A Q+A with the author of Making Strategy Work: Leading Effective Execution and Change.


Learning vs. Training. Thoughts on the re-designed Learning Circuits blog.

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