Friday, April 01, 2005

Best you might've missed

Happy Friday, all. Still catching up on my reading (and work) from being out part of last week, but here's what I've found so far for your reading pleasure.

Emergent learning/communications

"Extreme Learning: Decision Games." Jay Cross's latest column for CLO magazine discusses "thin-slicing" or rapid cognition.

Virtual Meetings Through 'Telepresence.'"Pierre Boulanger, professor of computing science at U of A, has just received $1.7 million to develop new and inexpensive 'telepresence' tools."

Traditional training/business

"How to Battle the Coming Brain Drain." An article from Fortune magazine discusses how to keep older workers' knowledge from leaving the organization with them.

"Employee-Driven Design Moves into the Workplace." A novel idea: Let employees design the spaces where they spend the majority of their time. (Thanks, Future of Work Weblog.)

"Lessons of Successful Entrepreneurs." Tips from the Harvard Business School Entrepreneurship Conference.


Will That Be Coordination, Cooperation, or Collaboration? Another thought-provoking post from blogger Dave Pollard.

Cool tools

Free conferencing calling. A great deal from Conference calls with up to 25 participants at no charge.

Design Your Own Anti-Procrastination Plan. "Below are several lists of specific, concrete things you can do to confront and change your own tendencies to procrastinate. Choose several suggestions from among the four lists and put them into practice." This is a site worth exploring more. SmartMobs pointed out that just launched a mobile service. I'm curious about the site in general.

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