Wednesday, February 09, 2005

New salary and career-planning resources

ASTD has recently partnered with to provide new salary and career planning resources free to registered users through our online Career Center. (Click on Salary Calculator to access all the tools.)

This enhancement to our Career Center includes the following licensed content:
Salary WizardTM: Provides pay data (national average, adjusted by zip code) for jobs searchable by category and location.
Executive Compensation Wizard: Discloses compensation of executives of publicly-traded companies (drawn from SEC proxy filings)
Cost-of-Living Wizard: Helps users compare the cost-of-living across multiple locations.
College Tuition Planner: Helps users choose a savings-rate appropriate to the cost of a child’s future college education.
Job Assessor: Helps users determine which of two job opportunities is better for them.
Millionaire Maker: Helps users determine the age at which their specified savings rate will yield total savings of $1 million.
Salary Timer: Helps users compare their salary to salaries earned by celebrities, on a dollars-per-second basis.
Salary Articles: Delivers timely information and advice on compensation-related topics. (coming soon)

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Anonymous said...

It is also great because it gives the job seeker an advantage to know about things happening online and taking charge of their own personal brand jobs in chennai