Friday, December 10, 2004

Best you might've missed

I apologize for the short list this week. I'm swamped trying to get a Trends article done for Learning Circuits. It's on augmented reality and learning, really neat stuff. Look for it up on Learning Circuits after the 20th. I'll also try to remember to post the link.

Best business books of 2004
. From the Fast Company blog.

Creative people's work methods. Includes authors, artists, writers, and entrepreneurs. (Thanks for the link, BoingBoing.)

E-Learning Grab Bag. A great list of links from Amy Gahran, who's obviously been doing her required reading (unlike me).

"Managers Misuse Tech to Control Workers, Study Says." Findings from the "Future Role of Trust in Work" study.

Quiz for small business success. From Small Business Success magazine. Lets you analyze the readability of a document or Website. Good resource for e-learning content.

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