Friday, December 03, 2004

Best you might have missed -- super duper edition

I'm still catching up on reading, but here are the articles and resources I've collected in the last couple of weeks.

Business/Traditional Training

Corporate fun. Funny office signs--use at your own risk.

How We Can Improve Collaboration. Good, in-depth thoughts from Dave Pollard.

"Are You Burning Out Your Best Employees?" Something every company should stop and consider.

"Is Your Job Just Work?" From Harvard Business School, an interview with the author of the new book, Just Work.

"At Tech Firms, Time Again for Flextime?" Focuses on technology companies but is a good general look at flextime and job sharing.

E-mergent Learning or Technologies

Virtual 3D Collaboration Spaces Strike Again: Imaginer. Robin Good's introduction to a new product and summary of others.

Ten Technologies That Are Going to Change the Way We Learn. Also from Robin Good, always on the leading edge.

Social Bonding Device for Human Connectedness. Another device that helps introduce people. Also see my Intelligence article for November, "The Future of Meetings."


The eLearnopedia. A Website with lots of e-learning resources from the Academic Co-Lab (ADL).

Top Ten Tips for Implementing E-Learning. From the UK's eLearning Centre.

"Orientation Practices for Effective Distributed Learning Coursework: Students Speak Their Minds." From professors at the University of Arkansas.

CTB/McGraw-Hill Releases First Online Test for Adult Education. Don't be fooled by the headline: They mean adult remedial education.

"Cognitive and Logical Rationales for e-Learning Objects." A scholarly paper out of the University of Bern, Switzerland.


Google Scholar. Search for papers, theses, books, and other scholarly documents.

"How to Live, Love, (and Text) in the 21st Century." Manners for a new age.

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