Wednesday, April 28, 2004

National Coalition for Technology in Education and Training

A item about this organization appeared in yesterday's Distance Educator Daily News. I had never heard of NCTET before, but it's been gaining visibility in this U.S. election year as it tries to mobilize voters and advocates for 21st-century learning technologies.

The organization is a non-partisan, non-profit coalition of education associations, nonprofits, and corporations. NCTET wants U.S. candidates to pledge support for the technologies that the organization feels are critical for the success of Americans. The Daily News states, "This pledge includes providing the necessary leadership and vision, investing in technology in our schools, offering educators the essential training and support, and ensuring that regulations and policies are modernized to support 21st century education."

The NCTET Website offers resources for people who want to get involved. The organization plans policy briefings, conducts seminars, writes background papers, recognizes leadership, provides networking opportunities, and hosts celebratory events.

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