Thursday, April 22, 2004

Bad Bossology

Books editor Josie Rossi sent me the link for this Website, the slogan of which is "Protecting people and companies from bad bosses." The site is actually more serious than it might sound. Workers will find articles from a myriad of publications, book reviews, discussion boards, tip sheets, a survey, a newsletter, and more--all chock full of advice on how to handle various types of bad bosses. Resources are also available for managers and executives who want to minimize the impact of bad bosses--for example, turnover, absenteeism, and lost productivity.

Bad Bossology, the site says, is not a place for whining or complaining. It's for understanding and analyzing your boss to develop a plan of action, protect yourself, reduce your boss's power over you, and even achieve career success despite your bad boss. It's also a place that leaders can go to find out how to avoid the dreaded designation as a bad boss.

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