Friday, March 18, 2005

Write a chapter in book on learning objects?

I received a press release the other day inviting me (and others) to submit an abstract for a book chapter. The book will be Principles and Practices of the Effective Use of Learning Objects.

I won't be submitting, but here's the info if you're interested:

You are invited to submit a 500-word abstract (the initial proposal) to write a chapter (theory & practice) on one of the following topics:

1. Learning Object Architecture
2. Learning Object Standards
3. Syntax and Semantics of Learning Object Metadata *
4. Learning Object Repositories *
5. Learning Content Management System (LCMS) *
6. Historical & Philosophical Foundations of Learning Objects
7. E-Learning & Learning Objects
8. Instructional Theories and Principles
9. Instructional Design of Learning Objects *
10. Learning Objects’ User Interface *
11. Granularity & Reusability of Learning Objects *
12. Multimedia & Learning Object
13. Learning Object Overview
14. Creating Learning Objects
15. The Future of Learning Objects *
16. Open Source & Learning Objects

(* Needed most)

The mission of the book is to inform clients of the above topics emphasizing their implications to learning.

Your abstract must contain an explanation about the topic you have chosen from the list above. It should summarize what it is that you are proposing to write. Please be concise (a maximum of 500 words), clear, and persuasive. Once the abstracts are accepted the authors will have 90 days to complete their chapter.

The deadline for submitting the abstracts is March 30, 2005. Once your abstract is accepted you will be receiving the author’s guideline and will be given thorough instruction for writing your chapter.

Look forward to hearing from you. Please reply to

Best wishes.

Alex Koohang
Editor-in-Chief, IJKLO

Keith Harman
Editor, IJKLO

Alex Koohang
Interdisciplinary Journal of Knowledge and Learning Objects

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