Friday, March 18, 2005

Best you might've missed

Happy weekend, all. Here are the best articles and resources I came across this week. (A shorter list--I'm busy and a bit behind on reading.)

Learning theory

What is Learning? A good breakdown of the differences between data, information, knowledge, and learning.

Emergent learning/collaboration

Simulations and the Future of Learning. If you've meaning to try out this podcasting phenomenon, here's a good 'cast to download and listen to, from Clark Aldrich.

Microsoft, Groove Networks to Combine Forces to Create Anytime, Anywhere Collaboration. A not-unbiased press release from Microsoft, but it includes an interview with Groove founder Ray Ozzie. Read unbiased opinions here and here and here.

"Blogging Clicks with Colleges." Discusses how blogs and wikis are being used in higher education.


More Real Dirt on eLearning (replay). Jay Cross links to the archived version of his recent presentation.

Business/organizational behavior

CEO Skill and Excessive Pay: A Breakdown in Corporate Governance? "What do Disney, AT&T, Exxon, and Verizon have in common?...a new academic study argues that all these firms were headed by CEOs who were paid too much."

Can Pessimists Ever Be Great Leaders? A good question and an answer, from the Fast Company blog.

Reinforcing Values: A Public Dressing Down. "Often the hardest part of a turnaround is improving bad interpersonal behavior in the organization. A Harvard Business Review excerpt by professors David Garvin and Michael Roberto."

Differentiating Your Workforce Strategy. "Even the best managers often forget to craft a workforce strategy along with their overall company strategy, but the two really need to be linked. An excerpt from the new book, The Workforce Scorecard."


Find Similar Items with Google Sets. Lifehacker points out a pretty cool tool.

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