Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Free whitepaper on maximizing training investments

BNH Expert Software is offering a free whitepaper entitled "From Classroom to Boardroom: Six Strategies to Maximize Impact of Training Budgets and Resources." Written by BNH's president, the whitepaper doesn't push any specific technology solutions until page 25, and just a few paragraphs at that. Not bad. 
Pages 1 through 24 outlay six fairly detailed strategies to make the most of your training funds and help demonstrate the ROI of your initiatives. Seasoned professionals may find some of this old news, but the whitepaper could be quite helpful for people just beginning the process of justifying training expenditures. The introduction reads:

"Since funds for various initiatives (including training) are allocated in the planning phase for upcoming projects, ROI studies on current training programs are of minimal consequence. An alternate approach, grounded in instructional system design and human performance improvement theory, and perfected over a seventeen years stint in the training field, is proposed in this booklet.
Although primarily intended to help organizations maximize the impact of training budgets and resources, the process invariably demonstrates the value of training initiatives. As a result, savings achieved through greater efficiencies can be reallocated to training programs that improve productivity and innovation, or reduce waste, and in-turn help business units and organization achieve their goals."
The six strategies the author outlines are listed below.

  1. Align training with organizational goals.
  2. Improve human performance.
  3. Reduce time to competency.
  4. Select the right blend of delivery options.
  5. Consider internal vs. external solutions.
  6. Duplicate programs that run effectively.

Each strategy is then broken down into more-detailed steps and illustrated in a flow-chart.

Other free whitepapers the company offers include "How to Effectively Manage and Optimize Training Budgets and Resources" and "Selecting the Right Blend of Delivery Options."

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