Thursday, July 01, 2004

Best of the week

Here are the articles and links that caught my eye this week. I'm posting them today because I'm off tomorrow. (Gotta love a four-day weekend! Happy Fourth, everyone.)

"Blogs in Business: What We Could Do Now." Blogger Dave Pollard writes in depth about how blogs can and should be used in business, including a list of blog-worthy content, dos and don'ts, and a step-by-step plan to implement a business blog. This topic has been covered elsewhere but this is one of the best articles I've seen. Read the comments at the bottom of the article for more thought-provoking material.

"Polite Feedback Sucks." From Allen Interactions comes this irreverent guide to what e-learner feedback really means. For example, "This training had a lot to say" really means "I stopped reading after the 5th paragraph." The article continues its humorous tone as it describes the kind of feedback you should be getting and offers tips for making that happen.

"Generation C." Anyone can be part of this generation. C stands for content; the article analyzes the trend of everyday people turning into content creators. Tools for this are becoming both more powerful and cheaper, letting people put their creative drive to use.

"Selling Girl Scouts on Science." Women make up 46 percent of the workforce but only 22 percent of scientists and engineers, says the National Science Foundation. The Girl Scouts are going to help change that, working with corporations and government.

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