Monday, July 05, 2010

Matrix Management

1. Is the matrix structure increasing in your organization? Let us know if you are seeing a trend towards flatter reporting lines and increased emphasis on collaboration. How does this relate to the strategy? What are the implications for the training function?

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Kevan Hall said...

Matrix working is becoming the dominant form in large complex organizations – however some are still in denial about having a matrix structure!

The matrix makes traditional hierarchy less relevant as authority is absent or shared, the matrix is little to do with structure and all about how people work together.

One consequence of becoming more connected is that this can lead to a lot of unnecessary meetings, teamwork, calls and emails. At the same time as we become more connected in the a matrix we have to find ways to disconnect form this “mindless cooperation” – people tell us they spend 40% of their time in meetings and conference calls and less than half of the content is relevant.

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