Friday, October 30, 2009

Are You Undermanaged?

According to Bruce Tulgan, author of Not Everyone Gets a Trophy, more employees are undermanaged than micromanaged—missing the two-way communication that is craved by many employees.

Just as micromanagers can cause employees to lose interest in their work or leave the job, those managers who undermanage—fail to give the day-to-day feedback to employees—also lose their employees to disengagement.

The job of the middle manager is complex and is often overlooked when it comes to training. Supervisors and managers need to spell out expectations every step of the way, ensure necessary resources are in place, track performance constantly, correct failure and reward success.

Middle management is one of the most important jobs in the organizations—as learning and performance professionals, you must take the time to give managers to skills and development they need to succeed.


Playing The Angel said...

Now, don’t give me credit for that comment. It was by Richard St. John.
And I’m addicted to my job which is where the “holic” comes in… but I also enjoy my Work so I must be a Workafrolic not addicted to something that is causing me some harm in some way. I’d rather work 60 hours in a week doing something I love rather than 20 hours doing not a lot that I like.
In my role I have the opportunity to invest my time in getting the best out of others… Learning and Development can be a very fulfilling role… I also have the demands of running my own business, but this again is a benefit even though it takes up a lot of my time.
I’m also about to explore a hobby / job that I had at 16 which has passed me by during all my years in “Corporate Life” (and workaholism) .
So even less time in 2010… but more enjoyment.
I think we all need to question whether we are workaholics or workafrolics.
Do you enjoy what you do day to day so much that it is a pleasant addiction?
And on that note… check out this lovely word Workafrolic with this T&D online shop I found dedicated to Managers, Trainers, Coaches and anyone else looking to buy creative L&D print materials (from team stickers and badges, clothing… to personality type support materials etc)

screaminscott said...

I report to my managers once a week regarding my progress.... which is propmtly ignored.

Yep, I'm undermanaged.