Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Fear of Management

Did you see the most recent Harris Interactive survey that reported that most U.S. workers do not want to be managers? Increased stress is apparently the no. 1 reason why American workers are afraid to take on more responsibility.

Fifty-one percent of the people surveyed said they don't want to become managers, and 69 percent older workers—those over the age of 64—are not interested in moving up the career ladder.

Are you surprised? Why isn't more responsibility enticing for U.S. workers?

Are leadership development programs scaring away high potentials, or maybe it's the lack of good development programs that has workers weary of taking on more responsibility?

Whatever the reason, scaring away would-be managers is a sobering reality that could have company executives scratching their heads in the not so distant future.


Lilianne said...

I haven't seen this study, so I do not know if it was investigated if there even were high potentials amongst the group that does not want to become a manager. And even so, I think if 49% do wants to become a manager that is more than enough to pick the cherries from... I am happy that not everyone wants to, so you do not have to disappoint so many people!

Unknown said...

Like Lilianne, I haven't see the study. I did a quick google for it and couldn't find a reference. Do you have a link?

I would like more information before I completely form my opinion. The cynic in me is a bit surprised that the number is so high. After all, there can only be so many chiefs and so it pays to have the majority of the droneforce want to stay put.

Alicia White said...

Thank you for sharing this information.I think this is very useful information for organizations to take into consideration during talent management and succession planning discussions. If employees are not interested in pursuing management level positions due to increased levels of stress- organizations will need to make more of a concerted effort to embrace and support work-life balance initiatives. Organizations will also need to make sure that they put into place leadership development programs that will be effective in producing the skill sets employees need to become successful managers. More often than not,organizations promote high potetial employees into management level positions without ensuring that the employee has recieved the formal training and work expierence/exposure necessary to be successful.