Thursday, March 04, 2004

Personal knowledge management system

Writer, editor, and trainer Amy Gahran has an interesting idea in her Weblog about using a blog as a personal knowledge management system. If you're like her (and me), thoughts and ideas often occur to you that you want to try to remember. But, soon enough, they're lost as something else distracts you. A Weblog in which you jot down little tidbits of information and ideas can serve as your "backup brain," Gahran says.

The idea isn't her own--she provides several links to articles that discuss this. In one of them, James McGee of McGee's Musings says that knowledge management in an organization won't work until people learn "how to unpack what they know." That means "getting experts to figure out what they['re] expert at and make it accessible." Weblogs are one way that people can do that, as they let people store and share ideas.

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