Friday, September 24, 2004

Best of the week

I'm short on time this week, so I am going to provide the interesting and intriguing links I found but no summaries of their contents.

By the way, this was the first week I used Furl to collect these links. I used to cut and paste the addresses into a Word document. Furl is much easier! I have a button on my Web browser and when I see a page I want to save, I just hit "Furl it!"

I can designate various categories so I can separate out Webpages I save for best of the week, my Learning Circuits Try It column, my T+D Intelligence column, and so forth. I can also make notes about where the links originally came from.

Business/traditional training

"Back to the Drawing Board: Is the Traditional Theory of the Firm Obsolete?" from Knowledge@Wharton.

Study: Security Measures Often Overlook Human Factor, from CNET.


"Bush Floats New E-Learning Plan," from eSchool News.

"Asynchronous discussion groups as Small World and Scale Free Networks,"
from First Monday.

Specifications for Accessible Learning Technologies

E-learning products of the future will operate in an interconnected world, from the Australian Flexible Learning Framework.

"Mobile Learning Attracts High School Students," from The Korea Times. (Thanks, SmartMobs.)

Technology/Beyond e-learning

"When Search Engines Become Answer Engines," from Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox. (Thanks, Contentious.)

Blogs for Workflow Management, from MasterNewMedia.

"Campus Life Comes to Second Life," from Wired News.

CEO Bloggers, from the Business 2.0 blog.

"When Bot Nets Attack," from Technology Review.

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